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Study programme in Technology in Language Teaching and Learning (KOO-KIT)

What? What is KOO-KIT?
KOO-KIT is a study programme that focuses on integrating technology in language teaching and learning. It is organised by the Centre for Applied Language Studies at the University of Jyväskylä. KOO-KIT is part of a national KIT-network. The ongoing year 2005-2006 is the fifth KOO-KIT year.

Why? What is the goal?

The aim of the study programme is to develop new forms of teacher expertise. We do this through providing skills, knowledge and awareness needed for a successful integration of new thinking, new technologies and new approaches to teaching and learning languages.

What content areas?
The study programme is 20 - 40 study point (ECTS) programme. Integrating technology in language learning and teaching calls for new perspectives in developing electronic learning materials, as well as benefitting from the learning environments avialable and knowledge on lanaguage assessment.

What working modes?

We link theory to practice through project based learning in collaboration with the Jyväskylä University Language Centre and the Department of Languages.

For whom is KOO-KIT intended? Where can you study?
The study programme is tailored for undergraduate students, more specifically for tomorrow’s languauge teachers and those who are interested in various educational careers, applied linguistics and new technologies. Students from other universities can apply for admission to the programme through the national KIT network. All students are required to participate in the weekly teaching sessions in Jyväskylä. Unfortunately no distance participation is possible for the time being.



  • CALS: The Centre for Applied Language Studies
  • KIT: Finnish Network of Language Technology
  • Language Compass: The electronic learning space of the Jyväskylä Univerity Language Centre
  • Eurocall Finland
  • Optima: a learning platform


KOO-KIT in 2004-05

  • Virtuaalivaihtoon Venäjälle - A learning material for those interested in student exchange in Russia,
    Authors: Sari Mäkikangas and Marianna Räsänen
  • Welcome to the seashore - A learning material for developing English pronunciation,
    Authors: Taina Sorsa and Nina Turunen
  • KOPS - An electronic material for planning language and communication studies,
    Authors: Elina Ojansuu and Petri Vuorinen
  • På kurs mot Sverige - a learning material for for those interested in student exchange in Sweden,
    Authors: Paula Haavisto and Taru Manninen
  • Academic writing - a material package for supporting peer feedback skills in academic writing
    Authors: Tarja Ahonen, Anni Seppänen and Janne Saarinen
  • Text und Kultur im Kontext - a course-specific material that introduces German culture and language through a variety of texts
    Authors: Jenni Karvinen, Päivi Kylä-Heikkilä, Riina Majamäki, Johanna Sihvonen and Tuulia Taalas


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